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Asmat Traditional Weapons Daggers Knives

Asmat Traditional Weapons Daggers Knives - Asmat is a tribe in Papua . Asmat tribe known as the wood carving unique results . Asmat population is divided into two , namely those living in coastal areas and those living in the hinterland . Both of these populations differ from each other in dialect , way of life , social structure and ritual . The next coastal population is divided into two parts namely Bisman tribes located between the river and the river Sinesty Nin and Shimei tribes .

One of the traditional weapons in Papua is Knife Dagger . This weapon is made of cassowary leg bone and feathers adorn the upstream Dagger . The main weapon other indigenous people are Bows and Arrows . The arc of bamboo or wood , while the bow rope made ​​of rattan . Arrows made ​​of bamboo , wood or bone kangaroo . Bows and arrows used for hunting or war

Dagger is a kind of sharp weapon that works for piercing or stabbing . Its use can be by means of hand held or thrown . The size may be smaller or larger than the blade . This weapon has a range of long history and there are many kinds. In Indonesia , a type of weapon is the famous dagger dagger and dagger

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